Root Your Samsung GALAXY Note 2 Using KingoRoot Android (Windows)

  1. Download KingoRoot and install it on your Windows.
  2. Make sure your device is powered ON.
  3. At least 50% battery level.
  4. USB Cable (the original one recommended).
  5. Enable USB Debugging on your device.


How To  Hack Victims WhatsApp Account Using Mac Address 


Hacking is not a safe and legal act. In many countries hacking and spying on other’s phone are entirely banned, and it is a crime. In this article, you can see some Whatsapp hacking tricks and WhatsApp hacking tips here. But please follow this instruction at your risk because i am not responsible for anything you do.

Hacking any account or anything is not an easy task because you need a lot of knowledge for it. You need some coding and programming knowledge to cut anything. So i am making it simple for you with some powerful WhatsApp hacking tips and tricks.

How To Disable/Remove The New WhatsApp Status Feature

​WhatsApp’s latest feature allows users to put up a Status in the form of an Image, GIF or a Video. The fun part about it is that these Status just last for only 24 hours and then will be removed automatically.

New update of Whatsapp just made it more like Instagram and isn’t it annoying to have multiple apps for the same functions ? That’s exactly why a person will disable this feature most probably!