Top 20 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

4 Duolingo
You can make your language skills smarter by sharpening with this fun game. It provides you a college style quality education without any price or cost. If you prefer to have more language learning sites, you can try BBC Languages. BBC Languages gives you a BBC platform for interactive TV shows, programs and much more.

5 Instructables
You can make use of wear and tear things in your life through fun videos and simple instructions. You can make anything from a small ball to a backyard fort. You can even give your ideas and creations, and it can be shared all over the world. This site offers you a wide range of cooking recipes, some decoration styles, gardens, handmade items, and much more even in your budget.

6 Khan Academy
Khan Academy, the best-renowned site providing you a wide range of subjects through videos that teach you in one of the best ways. This gives you a chance for practicing and keep track of your learning topics too. You can even learn and understand something new from your daily life studies.


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