12 Secret IPhone Hacks That Even Experts Don’t Know

7. Access number super quickly
Tired of using the numerical keypad to type numbers in an email or text? There’s a hack for that! Just hold the “123” button and slide to the numbers you need. Your iPhone should then revert to the original keypad.

8. Use Siri to Check Twitter
You don’t have to open Twitter to see who’s saying what online. Ask Siri “what Post Planner is saying” and you’ll see a list of our recent tweets.

9. Finish URLs in a Snap
Use the “.” key next time you search for a URL on your iPhone. Holding down the “.” key will reveal suffixes like “.com” as you type a website URL.

10. Shoot Series of Photos All at Once
If you hold down the Capture button when using your iPhone camera, your phone will automatically take a series of photos so you can pick the best one.


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