​How to Create Your Own Emoji

3 Makemoji

Another iOS only app which you can grab for your iOS devices. This app is slightly similar to the above apps and the purpose is all same, which is making of unique kind of emoji which you desire. Choose the base template and then add your own expected facial or other parameters to give it a look and feel. After adding all your layers you get the chance to edit it and further make it look much more aesthetic. Finalize your creations through the done button and then save your emoji or share your emoji easily!

4 Booble Keyboard and EmojiFace

These two different apps work in the same way so we decided to discuss them in the same block. Booble Keyboard app is available for the Android as well as iOS devices while the EmojiFace app is available for the iOS only. Both these apps let the users take their selfie and then transforms it into the cartoon looking emoji. The process is simple, just take your selfie and the apps would transform it to cartoon picture and ultimately into the emojis. You get the number of emojis created from your selfie and you can choose the favorite one from there for the sharing or saving purposes.

At the end of this article it would be clear to every reader that the whole method of making of emojis is really quick and anyone could make their own emojis easily. The different apps suggested in this article are all extremely simple to be used and no issues would be collided by any average users.


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