How To Create A Fake Conversation

​You want to surprise your friends by showing them you had a chat with Obama,sachin tendulka,Mark Zuckerberg,Ronaldo,mourinho,Vincent mash etc You can do this with friends using the yazzy app.

You will be able to create fake conversation with anyone by adding your photos, name it and create your own post on both sides. I like this trick and hope you may also like

First of all install and open the app


Locate the message box and type your messages. When you type any message you hit on the +icon for the 1st or 2nd user


You can change the time zone as shown in between the + icon


After you are done click on the right arrow located at the top right hand corner. Immediately this page shows



Top 20 Websites That Will Make You Smarter

Time to explore some of the best websites that are really helpful in day to day work and from these sites, you can learn lots of things and that will make you smarter and will help you to perform better in your work. Here we have listed 20 best websites which will help you to be smarter in life.

In this virtual world, we keep on searching lots of things over the internet and also browse lots of sites. Many of us waste our precious time on social media sites like we scroll down continuously over the web and waste lot of time. So to be smarter in life and to avoid wastage of time, we here define you some amazing websites that will make you smarter in your day to day work. So have a look at all these sites discussed below in the article.

Below we selected 20 best websites that you will surely love to open and use daily to learn new things to be smart. So have a look at these websites.

12 Secret IPhone Hacks That Even Experts Don’t Know

1. Use your iPhone like an Etch-a-Sketch

Your iPhone can work like an Etch A Sketch. Don’t believe me? Try shaking your phone next time you type a mistake. The shaking should clear the screen and let you start again. It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a text message or editing a picture Just give your phone a shake next time you make a mistake.

2. Invert Display Colors to Browse at Night

Want to browse at night without disturbing everyone in the room? Just invert the iPhone display colors — it’s easier on the eyes and you can surf the web and email without waking your spouse and kid.

3. Turn Off Autofocus in a Tap
Autofocus got you down? Are you the kind of photographer who likes to do it yourself? You can turn off your iPhone’s autofocus when the nagging little feature gets in the way. In camera mode, hold the screen until you see “AE/AF Lock.

​How to Create Your Own Emoji

Learn how to Create Your Own Emoji using the 4 cool ways that will help you to create a emoji of any type that you can easily share with your friends. So follow the below guide to proceed.

What are Emojis? You all somewhere use it while the conversation along the chat on various different social media’s, use it in the messages to express your emotions and joy. These are the kind of small stickers that are used to describe some reaction or emotions in the chat conversation. Although there are hundreds of different emojis that are bundled with various social medias but still apart from this the users might like to make their own style emoji for some reaction. It is indeed a really good way to express your very own intentions and emotions through the self-made emojis. For the users, those who are using the emojis more frequently would find that available emojis to be very less for their needs. Therefore for such users those ho love to play and converse with the emojis, there is a way for them by which the new self-styled emojis could be created. Here in this article, we have written about the easy ways through which the emojis could be made and anyone who wishes to make the new emojis would be able to do so conveniently. Just go and read the ways in this article and start to make your own classic emojis!


To perform this trick you will have to know binary number system of computer programming.

Binary is the machine level language of computer and it’s expressed with the digits of “1 and 0” only.

You still remember your binary operations in Mathematics.  

You have to learn how to write your phone number in binary.

Okay. No problem, I will help you.

0 — 0 0 0 0

1 — 0 0 0 1

2 — 0 0 1 0

3 — 0 0 1 1

4 — 0 1 0 0

5 — 0 1 0 1

6 — 0 1 1 0

7 — 0 1 1 1

8 — 1 0 0 0

9 — 1 0 0 1

For example, If your mobile number is “0123456789” then write it in binary as follows –

0 0 0 1, 0 0 1 0, 0 0 1 1, 0 1 0 0, 0 1 0 1, 0 1 1 0,0 1 1 1,1 0 0 0, 1 0 0 1 [but do it without space] Now we move to the main part.

How To Download Video From YouTube [ USING MAGIC ]

​Download all your favorite videos from Facebook and Youtube using the “Magic” word.

For Youtube:

Just insert the “Magic” word between the two words “you” and “tube” in the URL of the video you’re watching. Then hit “Enter” button.

For Facebook:

Just insert the “Magic” word between the two words “face” and “book” in the URL of the video you’re watching. Then hit “Enter” button.
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Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy II And Root

​To install TWRP Recovery on your device, you need to follow these instructions.

1. This guide is only for Samsung Galaxy Note 2, for the variants which are listed below. Before installing this, make sure that your device is listed below. Check your device’s model number in Settings > More > About Device.
2. Download the file carefully for your device.
3. Make sure that your device’s battery is charged over at least 60%. Highly recommended in order to prevent any mishap during the recovery installation process.
4. Make sure that you backup your important media content, Contacts, Call Logs & Messages. This is highly recommended just in case something goes wrong and you need to reset your phone.
5. Use only OEM data cable to establish connection between your phone and PC. Turn off your Anti Virus and Firewall to prevent any connection issues. Also enable USB debugging mode on your phone if you face connection issues.
6. If you already have rooted your device, use Titanium Backup to back up all your important apps + system data. Also if you are using a custom recovery, it is recommended that you backup your current system using that first. [Just for the sake of safety.]
7. Recovery works well for Galaxy Note 2 running on all Android versions, no need to worry about the Android version.


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  3. Enough confidence to flash